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Our Team  
The Clinical Research Hamburg team currently consists of
3 investigator doctors:
Dr. Grigat Dr.martz Dr. Pinckvos-Suchanek
Dr. Christine Grigat
Managing director,
specialist in internal medicine and rheumatology
René Martz
Managing director,
investigator doctor, GP,
in charge of study coordination, data management,
contact to sponsors
Gabriele Pinckvos-
investigator doctor,
contact to cooperation docs


Competence and qualification

Fields of activity,
working principles

Cooperating practices

Patients and
test people

Our team


data protection

All our study nurses are experienced doctor’s assistants with
several years of professional practice in clinical research.
Ms Otto Ms Falkenberg Ms Stenzel Ms Schattat Ms Bronzel
Andrea Otto
Certified study nurse administrative management, study coordination, data management
Carina Falkenberg
Certified study nurse
in charge of correspondence and data management
Regina Stenzel
Certified study nurse
manager of laboratory
Julia Schattat
Certified study nurse
data management
IMP Handling
Peggy Bronzel
Certified study nurse
data management
study coordination
Clinical Research works together with several doctors in cooperation:
Dr. Braak Dr. Dacic Dr. Schrattenholzer
Dr. Braak
Specialist in psychiatry,
medicine for addicition
Dr. Dacic
Specialist in orthopaedics
Dr. Schrattenholzer
Specialist in neurology
Dr.Bela Dr.Boening Dr. Hufenbach
Dr. Ulrich Bela
Specialist in HNO,
Dr. Georg Böing
Specialist in children´s
expert in vaccination
Dr. Sybille Hufenbach
Specialist in orthopaedics
In the „background” from Clinical Research works:
Fr. Donn Hr.Staffa
Simone Donn
Georg Staffa

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