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Patients and test people  

Whether a clinical examination can be carried out successfully depends on patients being satisfied. This is why, inspite of all data and rules of clinical investigation, the patient is in the centre of all our efforts – also symbolized by our logo.

These are our operating principles:

The patient is in the centre. Inspite of all rules and data of clinical investigation, the patient constitutes the focus of all our efforts. This is symbolized  by our logo, too.

Quality management
The entirety of our clinical investigating activity is subject to strict quality claims with a view to evaluation and documentation of all data. This being done to safeguard your personal security and to protect future patients.  

There is a close cooperation between Clinical Research and your GPs and specialists.


Data protection
All personal and medical data
are bound to a doctor's duty to
maintain confidentiality,
are being made anonymous
and scientifically evaluated.

We want you to be in the best
keeping with us. This also means that,
prior to participation in a clinical stuy,
we are going to explain to
you exactly what will be made and why.
We devote time for your questions.
We aim at your being fully satisfied!
We would like you to complete
the study well-informed, satisfied and,
if possible, in a clean bill of health.


Competence and qualification

Fields of activity,
working principles

Cooperating practices

Patients and
test people

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