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There is a close cooperation between Clinical Research Hamburg and its partners. Nearly all cooperating specialist and GP practises are in the vicinity of our business premises. This means short ways for our patients and constant personal contact between the examining doctors/study nurses of Clinical Research Hamburg and those practices cooperating and their staff.

investigating activities are done in
the business premises of Clinical Research Hamburg. More costly specialist’s examinations (such as gastrocopies, koloscopies, integral body, phletismo-graphy, X-raying, CT and MRT exami-nations) are being made by the specialists named under co-investigators in their own practises.

If study minutes require specialist’s revision, e.g. for special cores and ratings in the CNS-area,  this will be done by our investigating and cooperating specialists.

network of cooperating doctors enables Clinical Research Hamburg to also carry out intricate and multi-discipline study projects. The special competence of our cooperating specialist doctors is already being involved when handling feasibility queries. This is a way to quickly and realistically assessing both viability of study minutes and the number of patients to be
involved by Clinical Research Hamburg.


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Cooperating practices

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