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We emphasize on carrying out clinical studies of phases II, III and IV. While closely cooperating with both GPs and their own practice and specialists of most differing disciplines, we are in a position to successfully participate in clinical tests of the following indication spheres:

Recruiting of patients is being made by well-directed assignment from cooperating doctors, newspaper advertisements and finding potential patients from our own data base.

Special knowledge can be offered when there are osteological queries (we dispose of our own DXA bone density gauge here), pain therapeutical studies with BTM-bound analgesics, studies in the sectors of arthrosis, arthritis, rheumatism, and CNS-projects.

Specialised cooperation with large paediatrics practice in our office block to carry out paediatrics studies/vaccinating studies.

Specialised cooperation with external specialists and institutions (magnetic resonance imaging scannering, computer tomography, X-ray, whole body phletismography).

  • Internal medicine and related sectors (cardiovascular, pulmology, gastroenterology, infectiology)

  • Osteology, osteoporosis,

  • orthopaedics, surgery (arthrosis, arthritis, rheumatism, pain therapy)

  • gynaecology

  • urology

  • CNS (Parkinson, dementia)
    Alzheimer, migraine, depression, polyneuropathy)

  • Vaccinating studies

  • Dermatology (allergology)

  • Paediatrics studies


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Scope of service


Recruitment of patients


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