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Recruitment of patients  

Clinical Research Hamburg does not act as a contracting practice but exclusively as an ambulatory independent ambulatory investigation. There are different ways to recruit patients:

1. Cooperating practices
There is a close cooperation between Clinical Research Hamburg both cooperating doctors and cooperating practices of different specialist fields.
These doctors are already involved when there are feasibility queries. We agree upon and carry out pre-screening activities with the cooperating doctors.

Those patients suited will be informed by an independent examining doctor well in time who is going to elicit their interest in participating.

All study-related examinations and formalities, however, will be only done in the business premises of Clinical Research Hamburg. And these are the benefits of cooperating in the described manner: high motivation and compliance from those patients assigned to successfully complete the study.

There are distinctly less screening failures and dropouts. A large number of those patients suited can be reached. The doctor treating the patient will be kept informed on treatment during study course. Our assessment centre is going to receive all information on medical pathogenesis and its course during the study.

2. Newspaper advertisements
There is a good way to reach a large number of patients by doing advertising in daily and weekly (local) papers, chemist’s magazines and other special publications. In Hamburg and its surroundings alone, more than 3 million people can be reached.   

3. Database
By intensively looking after our own database, we permanently dispose of potentially suited patients who can be contacted for participating in a study.

4. Doctors‘ network
Clinical Research Hamburg is a member of the largest Hamburg doctors‘ network, and we make use of this for successfully recruiting patients.

5. Self-help groups
Well-directed contact with self-help groups is being looked after by lectures and campaigns.

6. Internet
We make well-directed use of the internet as information medium (see „Patients Info“). Well informed patients with chronic diseases use this way of information to participate in studies. Clinical Research Hamburg is constantly busy in further building up communication with our patients by internet or in doing internet-based recruiting of patients.   


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Recruitment of patients


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