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Course of a study  

What is my schedule when participating in a study?

Either your doctor has recommended to you to participate in a study, you have seen one of our advertisements,  have come to know us by others or found us in the internet. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

First contact can take place both by phone or email. Actual detailed information on the study will be given to you when talking face-to-face. We then are also going to check whether you will be suitable for the planned study.

Only upon having talked to one of our examining doctors and  received written information on the study, it is up to you
to decide whether to participate. Take your time when doing this decision.
Please take into
particular consideration whether you will be able to stand the planned treatment course both with a view to time and organisation involved.

Important: your participating in a study is absolutely volontary at any time and can also be cancelled at any time.

For each study there are so-called
qualifying or disqualifying criteria. We have to check these to find out whether you will take advantage from treatment within a study.

This is why we look at your
pathogenesis, do certain small preliminary examinations such as taking a blood sample, doing an ECG and blood pressure gaugeing. This is to serve for your safety, too, in order to definitely exclude potential hidden diseases before your participating in a study. Only thereafter, the actual study combined with regular visits here is to start.


How can I participate?

Course of a study

Advantages of a study

Cost-free participation


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